Procedure for Buying Four Wheelers through CSD

(Disclaimer: These are only guidelines, indentor needs to verify latest procedure from CSD Area Depot, Bangalore)

(Refer to para 1 of DDGCS letter No. 96410/Q/DDGCS dtd 12 Jan 2016)


Indent Form for Buying 4 Wheelers from CSD

Guideline for Entitlement of Vehicles

CategoryCubic Capacity of VehiclePeriodicity
Offrs (Serving/Retd/Widows)3000Once in Four Years
Hony Commissioned JCOs (Serving/Retd/Widows)2500Once in Seven Years
JCOs (Serving/Retd/ Widows)2000Once in Service and Once after retirement. First car after 10 years and gap between Two cars 10 years.
OR (Serving/Retd/Widows)1800Once in Service and Once after retirement. First car after 10 years and gap between Two cars 10 years.
Defence Civilian Officers of MoD (Serving) Paid out of Defence Estimates and Officers of CSD (GP of Rs.6600 and above)3000Once in Four years

Checklist for Buying 4 Wheelers from CSD

  • Obtain Availability Certificate from Dealer
  • Submit prescribed application (CSD Depot Indent form) at the concerned depot alongwith availability certificate and payment in the form of ECS/RTGS/NEFT. The amount deposited with CSD has to be credited from applicant’s account only. ECS/RTGS/NEFT has been made/done by applicant only.

Other Documents required at the Depot for verification :-

  • CSD depot Indent Form duly countersigned by Commanding Officer of the unit for serving personnel or by Station Commander or Dy Director of Zila Sainik Board for ESM.
  • Copy of PAN Card.
  • Copy of driving license (relax able for retired JCO/OR & Senior Citizens.)
  • Certified copy of pay book bearing entry with regard to purchase of car (applicable only for serving JCOs/OR and equivalents).
  • Certificate from the CO/OC of Unit confirming that financial position of the applicant allows to purchase a car (applicable only for serving JCOs/OR and equivalents).
  • PPO/Discharge book/Release Order (For ESM).
  • Any other document as prescribed under the respective State Govt notification. This is essential since State Govts while extending GST/VAT relaxation prescribe specific documents to be submitted.
  • Address proof.
  • Defence Civilian Officers of MoD to enclose duly attested latest salary slip for Verification of Grade Pay as per entitlement.

Miscellaneous Points :-

  • ECS/RTGS/NEFT to be done in favour of “Canteen Stores Department, Public Fund Account (Main) payable at the station of CSD Depot. Prior to making the bank payment ECS/RTGS/NEFT latest rates should be confirmed from the concerned depot/dealer as these are subject to change. For approximate rates please go to product search on the Home page of CSD India website.
  • On submission of application and payment, concerned depot will release documents such as OR, Sale letter, Supply Order, Authority letter etc
  • Payment for registration and insurance will be made to the dealer and not to CSD Depots.
  • For additional accessories, customer has to bear the expenses.
  • In case a vehicle has a waiting list in the civil market, the same should be booked with a dealer who is affiliated with CSD, with minimum booking amount as decided by the manufacturer. Full payment can be made with CSD depot once the vehicle is available and the dealer issues an availability certificate. Advance booking of the vehicle with the civil dealer will be governed by the rules as promulgated by the manufacturer/dealer. This will save unnecessary blockage of funds.
  • No payment is to be made on account of CSD handling charges/logistic charges etc. to the dealer.
  • Price will be charged as applicable at the time of delivery of vehicle.
  • No interest will be paid by CSD or by the dealer for late delivery of the vehicle.
  • Business hours of CSD depots vary so please contact CSD depot concerned to ascertain transaction timings.
  • No transactions are entertained on Saturday, Sundays and Holidays.
  • In case of accident/theft cases/EC officers released with less than five years of service, application will be forwarded to CS Directorate for sanction by the QMG.
  • In case of TA officers certificate as following will be attached :-


It is certified that No.______________Rank________________Name______________ is a Departmental/Non Departmental Officer of Territorial Army. His date of commission is _______________ and has got total embodied service of __________ Years__________Month as on this date.


List of some 4 Wheelers and AFD 1 items available in Bangalore from CSD

Click link for April 2018 list of some 4 Wheelers and AFD 1 items available through CSD in Bangalore. The Prices shown are indicative, please confirm availability with respective dealer and final price from CSD Depot before making your Indent Form or making RTGS.